Matlock's only brewhouse at the Red Lion

"I love drinking real ale at a brewery." Bloke

Moot Oak was one of the original names for 'Matlock', meaning meeting under the oak tree. The oak tree in front of St Giles church at Starkholmes was the centre of Matlock years ago, so we felt the Red Lion is the perfect 'moot' place to replace it. 

The beer is crafted on the premises and served in the bar.

See the Moot Oak Brewing Company's own site here... 

Opening Hours Bar

Mon to Sat       


Opening Hours Restaurant

Tues to Fri (Daytime)

Tues to Sat (Evenings)


*No Food Monday          

11am - 11pm

12am - 11pm


12am - 2pm

6pm - 9pm

12am - 7pm

The Red Lion 

65 Matlock Green




01629 584888