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Plan Your Visit To Matlock...


Matlock has some of most beautiful views and walks around and most of them have the Red Lion as their starting point.

High Tor to Matlock Bath

This walk is a 40 min walk to the edge of a cliff! Then down the otherside to Matlock Bath. You can then meander back on the main road to Matlock (3 hours including coffee/ beer)

Lumsdale Falls

One of our 'local's best kept secrets. Walk up towards Tansley, Then venture down Lumsdale Road. Keep left and you will eventually come to the foot of the falls. A truly breathtaking and rewarding walk. Walk back the way you came to finish with a drink at the Red Lion ;)

Riber Castle

The iconic 'castle on the hill'. Starting from the Red Lion, Walk up the left hand face of the hill, via Derwent treescapes. Then the best view in town awaits you at the top.

Big Houses

Chatsworth house has to be the grandest of all stately homes in the UK. Check out the gold leaf around the windows. Haddon hall still maintains a very historical feel about it. There are many more to choose from around the area, all with their own charm and character


Don't do anything, I mean it! just wander into town from the pub for a novel stroll, but then come back to the Red Lion and live out the rest of your stay having a relaxing drink by the fireside (winters only) or in the beer garden (summer only). Then enjoy the best steak pie you will ever have. Sleep tight zzzz


Pretty towns are all around us here. Matlock in 5 minutes walking through a beautiful park. Bakewell in 10 minutes drive away (Bakewell pudding is a must) and Buxton is only 30 minutes drive. All of these towns have their own evident history and qualities. 

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