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Coronavirus Update

The Red Lion Pub and B&B

We are now open! 

Since the 17th of May we have been welcoming back all of our regulars and new visitors back to the Red Lion in Matlock.

Do you have anything in place to make it a safer place to visit?

Of course. The government provided a document of guidelines that businesses like ours can implement to lessen the spread of the Covid19 virus.


It is entirely your choice if you want to wear a mask whilst in the Red Lion. 

We have removed a lot of the tables and chairs inside to ensure there is sufficient distance between groups. Our staff regularly clean their hands and sanitize them between processes. We sanitize the toilets more regularly. There is a no vaping policy inside. 

All of this is designed to ensure you not only have a relaxed and comfortable experience, but you can feel assured we are doing our part to control the virus.

Do I need to book a table?

You don't have to but it may be advisable.


If you have any further questions about steps we are making to ensure the safety of the staff and visitors or general enquiries, please contact us..


phone: 01629 584888



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