Coronavirus Update

The Red Lion Pub and B&B

Following the Government advice on COVID-19, we have temporarily closed.

The plan is to reopen the bar on Monday the 6th of July. 

The food will open on the Tuesday the 7th and accommodation will resume the 13th of July.


For the last few months we have been going through the pub, restaurant and B&B making sure all of our customers comfortable when we do reopen.

We have gone to great measures to enhance the cleaning and sanitising of the venue. The business has undergone a specific 'Covid 19' risk assessment and is now fully compliant with government guidelines.

Needless to say we will keep you updated.

We all look forward to the day we can share a drink and a catch up together in our favourite pub, but we will make sure this is done according to the specific regulation, whilst still keeping and comfortable atmosphere.

If you have any further questions about steps we are making to ensure the safety of the staff and visitors or general enquiries, please contact us..


phone: 01629 584888



Opening Hours Bar

Mon to Sat       


Opening Hours Restaurant

Tues to Fri (Daytime)

Tues to Sat (Evenings)


*No Food Monday          

11am - 12pm

12am - 11.30pm


12am - 2pm

6pm - 9pm

12am - 7pm

The Red Lion 

65 Matlock Green




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